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Learn how to overcome your self-doubt, and do it anyway, when you should be hiding from the world.

7 Steps to Overcoming Self-Doubt! 


This free guide will stop you from talking yourself out of writing that book, going for that job, starting that business, or starting just about anything new. Inside you will find the steps I followed, as an introvert, in learning how to overcome self-doubt, build confidence, and start living life on purpose. 

If you really don't know where to start, this guide will help you take the first steps to believing in you again.

The School of Purpose is designed for introverts who want more from life, and for those who know that life is more than a 9-5 job. 

We will challenge you to think differently, rather than accept your introvert status, and encourage you to get outside your comfort zone, allowing you to create a life you actually want to life. 

If you are ready to overcome self-doubt, start believing in yourself, and start living life on purpose, then this guide is designed for you.


Start living a life you actually want to live, right now.

When you overcome self-doubt and start to believe in you again, you start looking for opportunities. You look for the opportunity to do things in your life that you didnt think you were able to do. Instead of talking yourself out of going for that job, writing that book, starting a business, you start thinking bigger, and thinking about what is possible.

Make a decision that will help you enjoy Mondays again.

If you live to 85, thats around 4400 Mondays, why not enjoy them. Finding a job, business, life, that you want to live, on purpose, will help you to enjoy Mondays, Tuesdays and any of the other days you aren't so fond of. The first step is overcoming your own self-doubt. You have to decide you need to overcome it, and then start making better decisions each day that support you, and the outcomes you actually want to achieve.

Start having better conversations.

Ok, so as an introvert, you are quite happy not having conversations, unless they are with the right people. Why not have conversations about the things you are taking on or trying in life, rather than those you aren't, because of your self-doubt. What if you took on all those things you talked about with your close friends or a loved one, how would that change your relationships? Your conversations change when you believe in you! You start inspiring others to take on the things they have been talking about doing, but never quite getting around to. 

Get more time in your day for you.

When you spend so much time thinking about what you didn't do, that takes energy. When you start believing in yourself, and start doing those things you didnt think you could do, you get energy, and you somehow have more time in your day. You start looking forward to each day, and you start finding time for doing more of the things that have meaning to you. You start living with purpose, and living on purpose.  


The School of Purpose for Introverts, was built to help introverts live life on purpose, by overcoming self-doubt. When you believe in you, anything really is possible. 

Hi, I'm Simon, the founder of The School of Purpose, for Introverts. Why for introverts? Because I am an introvert, and I want to show other introverts, (and anyone else who wants to learn), how to live your life on purpose, by overcoming your self-doubt, by simply being you, as you really are enough. 

My aim is to show like minded introverts that life is short, and not living your life on purpose, most definitley isn't fulfilling. I encourage you to start doing something that will fulfill you in life. It may involve changing your job, starting a business, or it could be as simple as learning to paint, write a book, or learn how to play an instrument. 

Finding more things that you enjoy, and starting to do them on a regular basis, makes the life you have way more fulfilling than just going to work in a 9-5 job everyday. By learning how to overcome your self-doubt, you learn what has been stopping you from trying new things, or going for something outside of your current skill set. It is about giving you the belief in yourself, to say 'I can do it', or 'I want to do it', whatever 'it' may be. 

It is time to build confidence back in you, and find what you enjoy in life, and start doing it, on purpose. You will inspire others to do the same through your actions. So start, what have you got to lose. 

The School of Purpose will help you get started. Reach out to me if you need a hand, or sign up for our next intake of students by clicking on the program button above.

Remember this, nothing changes if nothing changes. If you are unhappy with where you are at currently, then continuing to do the same thing everyday, will only keep you in that very same place you find yourself in now. You have to make a consistent change to create a life you actually want to live. 

The next step is up to you.....