Overcome Self Doubt in 90 Days

Self doubt is a major stumbling block when you are trying to start something. You might be writing a book, starting a business, wanting a new job, or you are trying to find out what you should be doing with your life. Self Doubt is simply a lack of confidence in yourself, and your abilities. Join my 90 Day program and you will learn how to Overcome Your Self Doubt, and have the confidence to live your life on purpose. All communication via direct message, so you don't need to actually speak to anybody. Click below to get started. 

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Overcome Self Doubt: Get Expert Advice in Our Online Chat When You Join The School of Purpose

By joining The School of Purpose we will work together over 90 Days, to help you overcome your self doubt, build confidence, and start living your life on purpose.

Have you thought about starting something new, only to talk yourself out of it. You tell yourself that you have more important things to do, but the reality is, you doubt your abilities, and don't want to make a fool of yourself in front of others.

What if you had so much belief in yourself, that it would feel crazy not trying something new, or going for something out of your comfort zone. 

On our weekly chats, all done online through direct messaging, allowing you to feel 100% comfortable as an introvert, (ps. we can also chat on the phone if you are up for it) we go over your weekly training module, to help in keeping you accountable and on track. The one on one program has me by your side, keeping you on track.  

And for those who don't know me, Hi, I'm Simon, I am all about helping introverts overcome their self doubt, build confidence, and live life on purpose.

Get Expert Guidance

I am an introvert who has always wanted to help others do more with their life, by getting out of their comfort zone. My life has seen me make a number decisions that have been uncomfortable, but have also led me to living my life on purpose.

What is living your life on purpose? It is about living what you value in life, and about living the way you say you actually want to be living, instead of making it a 'someday when' activity. Rather than simply saying that this is how I would live my life if I had the right job, lifestyle, money, house, partner, etc, it is actually living it, everyday!

It is about finding purpose and meaning in each day. 

How does overcoming self doubt help in living your life on purpose? If you were to add up all the things you have tried, or thought about trying, but then gave up, or you didn't attempt them because you doubted yourself, you would soon realize that you have actually changed the person you are. All that the self doubt has done, is allow you to keep safe within your introvert shell, and confirm that is where you need to be, rather than risk coming out to face the world, and risk living the life you want to be living, because you started believing those voices of doubt.

When you overcome your self doubt, you will believe in you again, and believe that you can try new things that you have previously said no to, take on long forgotten dreams that you had given up on, and realize that you can actually be living your life confidently on purpose, (and then go and have a lie down). When you understand what you need in your life, finding and living your purpose becomes much easier.

Over the course of my life; I have left a corporate banking job to work for a charity, after deciding I lacked any real purpose in my job; I started my own business coaching people, as I wanted more from life than simply working for someone else and I wanted others to achieve more with their lives; I moved state on my own without family or friends, because I wanted to take a risk in living somewhere that I actually wanted to live; and I left my marriage, as I wasnt happy in our marriage, and decided we were not the best versions of ourselves, and if we only get one chance at life, I want to be the best version of myself, meaning I can help more people in being a better versions of themself. 

'We all get one life, why not make the most of it, and make it a life you actually want to live.'

I am happy with every decision I have made in my life, even the bad ones, as every decision has led me to the place I am in now. Had I not have made any of those decisions, I would not be where, or who, I am today.

Over 90 Days, you will receive my guidance in all of the training modules, plus in our weekly chats, we will delve a little deeper, making sure you know how to recognize self doubt, and get over it, allowing you to be living your life on purpose. Click below to apply.

Here's What We Cover

Day 1 -10: Start Something  

Our first 10 days together is all about getting you to start something. Your something will be unique to you, and can be anything from learning an instrument, to starting a business. As an introvert, we tend to spend a lot of our time in our head. The purpose is to get out of your head, stop overthinking everything, and help you take the first step towards starting something.

Day 11-20: Doing it Anyway  

We look at facing your fears first by identifying them. Once you know how to identify your fears, only then can you face them. Facing your fears is one of the steps in building confidence, and taking on challenges that you were once unable to. Days 11-20 will help give you that confidence.

Day 21-30: Take Out The Trash

As the title suggests, from day 21 to 30 is all about taking out the trash in your life. We do that by decluttering your brain, and maybe your life, and getting rid of what takes up your emotional energy. You will learn how to establish new boundaries and then decide, what do you need to keep, and what do you need to remove from your life. This module will help in taking weight off your shoulders, and get some mental energy back.

Day 31-40: Fill Your Cup

Is your cup full? What does it even mean? We discover what you need in your life to keep you full. We identify the activities, family time, you time, friends, faith and adventure to name a few, that you need to make sure you are turning up as your best self, in all situations. 

Day 41-50: I Believe I Can Fly 

Over the course of this 10 days we work on your beliefs, and specifically, you learn how to believe in yourself, when all the evidence is telling you not to believe. You will learn to set impossible beliefs, and we cover what, and how, you will continue to believe, no matter what.

Day 51-60: It's Your Decision

We cover how you best serve yourself in making decisions, quickly, and how being able to make a decision plays a big role on whether you doubt yourself or not. You will realize that you have become used to reaching decision fatigue before you even make it out the front door to start your day.

Day 61-70: Grow Your Good Things

In life, it is so easy to find, and focus, on all the things we do that are wrong, yet we are reluctant to give the same amount of focus and attention to all the things we do right. Now we do! We focus on all the good things you do, no matter how small they may seem to you, and we grow your pile of good things you have in your life. Self-doubt is much easier when you only focus on what you can't do, or what you do wrong. By starting to train your brain to recognise the good things, you start to see for yourself, what you can do.

Day 71-80: Your Obituary

It is time to write your Obituary! Yes you read that correctly, we actually sit down and write out the words you want spoken about you at your funeral. We are nearing the end of your program (not your life) and we focus on death? Well, kinda sort of, but not really. The aim is to understand right now, what you want your life to look like, and how you would actually like it to play out when it is all said and done. There is plenty of life to be lived between now and then, so lets get to work. 

Day 81-90: Doubt No More

Our final 10 days, is about bringing all of your learnings together, allowing you to be able to recognize, and overcome, self-doubt on your own. Equipped with the knowledge you have gained over our 90 Days together, you will leave with a plan of action, and the tools needed to start living your life on purpose.

How it Works 

You receive log in allowing you to access the modules online.

For each module, there is a video introduction and explainer from me, along with a workbook for you to download, and guide you through each of the online modules. 

We chat online over the week, (or for those who are game, we can speak on the phone weekly (international free call number provided)) ensuring you can stay safe online or on your phone, and not risk being seen by me, or anyone else if you are choosing the group program.

When you click on the Apply Now button, you will be asked a series of questions to determine if this really is the right program for you. If you are still unsure, book a time to chat with me, even if it's via direct message. I want to help more introverts like you live their life on purpose, are you ready to make that happen?

Here's A No Risk Guarantee

If you don't buy this program, you won't need your money back, that's my guarantee. If you are uncertain of your ability to follow this program, this may not be the program for you. If however you are ready to get over your self (doubt), and have even the slightest glimmer of optimisim about your future, this is definitely the program for you, and I would love to be your guide. Click on the apply now button below.